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hp_rehab's Journal

For the Harry Potter addicts of the world
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This community is made by the people, for the people. A sanctuary for all those who find themselves addicted to Harry Potter merchandise, fanfictions, icons, movies, et cetera. Here you will find support from fellow HP Addicts. We share any great fanfictions we may find, show off our icons, chat about any cool facts we have learned about the movies or books. So come, join us. You are among friends.

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Mention of honor: silver_sunn101, because without her, we would not have all of our shoebox_project icons and this community would never have been started. Thank you.

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  • Argue with members or mods. No disrespect will be tolerated.
  • Offend others- no racial, religious, etc. comments.
  • House bash. Remember, there are people from multiple houses from multiple sorting communities ;)
  • Post non-Harry Potter topics. This isn't a place to tell us about school problems, or what you did this afternoon with your boy/girlfriend. That's for your own journal :)
  • Steal graphics or hotlink. Neither of these will be tolerated- this goes under the dispect rule also.
  • Post multi-fandom graphics: only Harry Potter. Icons, wallpaper, banners- all great to share and we'd love to see them. However, please post them behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to use one, go to the FAQ and you can find the answer there ^^
  • Typ3 lyk dis cuz it ANn0yiNg n hrd 2 red. Do not mutilate the English language, or Remus will be very disappointed in you. Also, please don't use all caps for more than a few words. Use the bold tag or italics to emphisize what you want to say.
  • Post about how much you looooove shoebox_project and you can't wait for the next installment. Many of us love shoebox_project and can't wait for the next installment, but we don't need to hear about it. Unless you have something else worthwhile to say, don't whine ;)
  • Cuss. Keep language PG, as we have may younger fans here and those who just don't need to hear it :)


  • Introduce yourself! Gives us a good excuse to have a party and pass around the butterbeer :D
  • Share a good fanfiction, awesome fanart, merchandise finds, news, etc. We're all fans and would love a link =D
  • Be friendly. That's a given ;)

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hogwartsishome. This place is a whole network for Harry Potter fans, from icons contests, to a fanfiction community to Quidditch. Get sorted and experience the fun today :D

cult_sbp. Many of you read, or at least know of, shoebox_project. Well, Nick and Caitlin had an ingenius idea of creating a fan community for us. A very active community, it's a great place to chat ^^

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