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Under Construction

Please bare with us as we make our new home all spiffy! Banners, backgrounds and such will be made momentarily. Until then, have a butterbeer, chat, and do things we Harry Potter people do!

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hurray for the first entry! *happy dance*

i'll take a fire whiskey instead. muwahahahhaha >:)
*happy first entry dance*

*in Cap'n Jack voice* Drinks all around!
captain jack sparrow#!$)^$)! where?!?!

*runs around then dies*

You're all a bunch of nutters!

*bangs cane like a crazy old lady*

you should steal lucius' cane...how pissed would he be?

Aw, shit. Now I've gone and joined another community.

Damn all of you for amusing me so!
Stealing elder Malfoy's cane would rock *so* much.

And I'd be the friggin Mack Daddy!

come to the dark side which is this community >:)

you would be lucius' peeeeimp (otay maybe that doesn't have the same effect as saying it outloud but yeah well :P) you could keep him in line and shit. ahahahahahahha

uh oh.... *reels mind out of gutter and walks away*

come to the dark side which is this community

Already did...

Because distraction is just what I need more of in my life.
distraction...right on!

real life is so overrated sometimes...HAHAHAHHAHAH
mmm, Lucius/cane OTP...[/dirty thoughts]
Of course we are! That's what makes us so irresistible ;)

Deleted comment

Of course! =D

Just please bare with me as I try to get it all spiffy-fied. My Paint Shop Pro won't let me use font so yesh >.< In the mean time, mingle :D
hey, now, I don't see this addiction as a BAD thing... haha as long as this rehab encourages people NOT to get better, I'm all in.
Aw, you've found us out XD This is a place for people who need rehab ;)
ahh that's the key there. We NEED rehab, but ask yourselves this. Do we really WANT rehab?

didn't think so ;)

Exactly! :D We actually encourage our obsessive behavior by sharing HP-related stuff we find with each other :D
so this is the previously unheard of Hogwarts Psych Ward, eh? sweet. *throws pudding cup @ orderlies* muahahaha!

Yesh! For all us nutsos who need help :D

*egasp* You can't do that! *chases her with Lucius Malfoy's previous stolen cane*
Heya! I've seen you (Shakira/Rachel) on Suvi's LJ and thought I'd join. :-] Sounds like fun...and if you need any help with the Community, I'm here!
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Yes, I have also seen you and your vibrant icon there :D

Hello and thanks! :D I'm really happy with the amount of help people have offered :)