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Well, I'm quite pleased with our members, I must say :D But first off, if you don't already, go read shoebox_project. Now. Even if you have read it, go read it again! It's so absolutely amazing, your creative side will love you. That's why this community is here, to share the greatness of Harry Potter :D

Now, on to business. You may or may not have noticed, but awesomeness and I have been trying to primp this community to make it worthy of our Harry Potter-obsessing. I was about to make a banner for our background, when I had an idea (I love it when I have ideas :D).

A Contest
This is going to be a graphics contest, and you all are going to make a banner for our background! Well, those who wish to enter anyways ;) I already have someone who is really good with html stuff who offered to do the background for us. (Becca, I adore what you did, but we need something Harry Potter-oriented. Forgive me? We can keep the green :D)

Size: 500x300 -or- 350x500
What: MUST be Harry Potter oriented, and no special attention to a particular house(s). Would like it to have some green in it, as that will be the colors we will use for our background (HBP anyone? :D), but it doesn't have to have green.
Due: Friday, March 25. 12am Eastern, 9pm Pacific.

Enter here by commenting, it's easier that way. All comments will be screened.

You won't "win" anything for this if you place. It's purely for our love of Harry Potter ;) However, I'm going to ask Bunny if you can earn any points for your house in hogwartsishome. I'll get back to you all :D

Have fun!

**Edit** I talked to Bunny, and you will now earn points for your house according to the point system at HiH. Just make sure to give your signature and your house when you enter (and if you have already entered, just reply to your entry with the information specified).

Becca, when contests are done, you'll be the one to post what house(s) got how many points for the records :)

Also, I'm going to mess with the userinfo once I post this, so you can go look :D

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